Processing pension, citizenship, inheritance, visa applications in Russia and CIS countries

Consultations on real estate issues

Receiving statements from the archives of Latvia, Russia, CIS un EU countries

Migration and customs related issues

Translations with notarial certification

Consultations on resettlement related issues


Divorce issues,

incl., between the residents of different countries


Preparation of Power of Attorney, contracts

in languages

About us

The professionals of the company SIA La Sofi have been offering the legal services for more than 10 years. We specialize in processing visa, inheritance, pension, citizenship applications irrespective of the location of the client or the hier. Processing of the above-mentioned documentation is a labour- and time-consuming process, involving completion of heaps of paperwork, searching for the lost documents and archival statements, for instance, the Ministry of Defence (Podolsk), naval archive (Gatchina) and other archives of the exUSSR. We are ready to provide our assistance in the above-mentioned issues and to assume full participation in the procedures in Latvia, Russia, the countries of CIS and Europe.


We are also experienced in the issues related to moving to another place of residence, applying for the second citizenship, customs, applying for and receiving work permission in any country, as well as consultations on real estate issues. We are ready to undertake such procedures as purchase, sale, rent, exchange, search for buyers, tenants; selection of facilities on demand; handling all complicated transactions: debt, mortgage, litigation, seizure of the real estate, quarrels, including inheritance, etc.

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